Helen M. Cho 


Take Out with Lisa Ling

Watch: HBO Max

Season 1
January 27, 2022, 6x30min episodes

Executive Producer, Showrunner 

As the granddaughter of Chinese American restauranteurs, Emmy®-nominated journalist Lisa Ling embarks on a cross-country road trip sharing meals with Asian American artists, chefs, community leaders and everyday people whose contributions to our country have often been overlooked. From the bayous of Southern Louisiana to the bastions of Los Angeles and New York, Take Out with Lisa Ling shines a long overdue spotlight on forgotten Asian American stories while celebrating the power of food to bring people of all backgrounds together.

Title Sequence by Geoff Kim
Title Music by The Linda Lindas

The photographs in the title sequence are from the personal collections of the Asian American crew members who were asked to share photographs of food memories with their families so that they are included in the series and show open. 

The additional archival and imagery included are inspired by artifacts and ephemera collected by New York based editor Yoshio Kishi. The collection examined perceived identities of Asians and Asian Americans based around unflattering stereotypes in American literature, popular media, as well as ephemera based around Asian American reflections on their own identity.

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